Friday, 15 October 2010

Martin Figura: Yorkshire Last Barman Poet

‘ow do
I’m t’Yorkshire’s last barman pooet
a reet Bobby dazzler
I see Wakefield suppin’t’fabulous cocktails
I mek tykes get stinkin’ on summat
I sturr and shek
t’sex on t’bus
t’Schnapps med from fuss
t’Knaresborough nipper
t’Yorkshire Ripper
I mek stuff with abuse and broth
t’pink whippet
t’3-toed goth
I mek drinks so sweaty and jazzy
t’iced cuppa
t’ay oopa
t’ecky thump
t’Scarborough snikket
t’coal ‘ole
t’livin’ ower t’brush
‘appen y’reckon
yer a reight gud sooart
put wood i’th’oil
quit faffin’
git kaylied

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