Tuesday, 7 September 2010

An anagram of each original line:

To An Adaptable Mirthless Worm
‘To an adaptable mirthless worm,
I am sick!’ like a barefaced eighties ruin Tom uncloaks,
Rehearses his oink. Stinking gigs contaminate Tom. Grit
Teeth... ‘Hah snob exec!’
Catchphrases fade. Hmm... No pep
Them, Hamlet verve,
Mahatma’s able realm
Knit high... 'Shamefaced junior twit!
Quit, leper! Shrink!
Eh, lettered hotshot?'
A dizzy, denser Tom awakens, sinks
Hate, deceit.
Hake maze kit –
Mega short
Stashed ham pet
Replenishing goats,
Aiding length.
A voyeur (jittery, overfed): Veto guile, cadaverous Tom!
Deadbeat guy tit! Flow on, out,
A short, hunted turd. Sow joy, yo.

-Tim Clare

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