Friday, 17 September 2010

I am the first barman and also the first poet

It is hard. There aren’t many rhymes for  the word ‘wine’. If there
are, I don’t know them. I am stupid, although I don’t know that either.
Also, writing hasn’t been invented yet. Also, somebody like me wouldn’t
know it even if it had. Also, what is rhyme?

It’s the 6th millennium B.C., but I don’t know that because numbers
are still being invented, I am innumerate, and nobody has heard of
Jesus, so we don’t keep time like that and actually I don’t know what
time is too. I think I am young though and I know I am good looking,

even though there are no mirrors yet. Also, I don’t understand.
Also, what is a bar? At this point, the best I can tell you is that
I really would like to swap some of my wine for something else.
I don’t know what because it’s too early in human development

for money. Also, what is human development? I live in Persia,
or somewhere else near where the film 300 was set. I love the
film 300. Everybody does. that is not gay because gay hasn’t
been invented yet. Or maybe it has. Anyway, 300 is really good

So, I would like it if I could gain somehow from this primitive
wine that I have, although I do not know that it is primitive, nor
do I really understand that it is wine. Further, I would like it if
people would like things that I say. Like I would like it if I could

maybe say a list of things, and people would think that the list
I said was really good. Like they would like me. Like I might go
‘the wine!’ and they would all go ‘woo!’, and I would go ‘the wine’
and they would all go ‘wooo –ooo’, or ‘the wine?!’ or something.

Like then I would have the wine, and say things, and that would
Be what I do, although I don’t understand that phrase because I
Live before the de-coupling of business and leisure which I also
Have no understanding of at all. But I would like to say things

And have the wine. At the same time, I think. I don’t know why.
I still think so though. Like, I have the wine, which is right over there,
and also I can shout. That is good. Yes! good. I think that, in the future
people will agree that those things are pretty good. What is the future?

-Chris Hicks

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