Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I am the World's last bona fide poet


I am the World's last bona fide poet
I am proper and serious, original, true:
I can express myself much better than you!
You're all songwriters!
Idiots with sloppy grins!
Dunces, dullards, harlequins!
Spewing froth from your glossy lips
all lies and tricks
and rutting hips.
You keep interupting me with your jeers
I am trying to have a conversation with myself here!
My withering witticisms are innocents in shitty prisons
my metaphors, pearls in a bleak swinish world.
You mooncalfs could not even comprehend what you are missing
but when I get on the bar to speak to you
nobody listens.

- Luke Wright

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