Friday, 24 September 2010

Andrea Porter: The World's Last Drink in HD

I am the barman pouring the world’s last drink.
Here the desiccated focus on realities.
Hollow-eyed tune into the final empty.
Adjust high definition on the full glass.
Catch the close up on the dead glass.
Two shots of hydrogen to one of oxygen.
The magic of reaction, the sole interaction
that moistens the lips, squeezes the pips
out of air and nothing, something to bring
to the bar of the departed but the party starts
before the ghosts arrive. Nothing to survive
this last open throat, the last pour live.
Turn the tap, watch the phantom gush,
Zoom in on sand, listen to the hush.

-Andrea Porter

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  1. I am the photographer who took the photo you are showing here, and I own its copyright. You stole this picture from my web site, where it clearly states that no use id granted without my explicit consent.

    I do not consent to your use of my picture. Please remove it from your blog.

    Rafael Aviles