Tuesday, 7 September 2010

i am the world's last barman poet

i am the world's last barman poeti see the survivors drinking the fallout cocktails i create
all seven of us stinking - getting something i found or ate
the "sex in the shelter"
the "schnapps" made from melters
the "vermin hammer"
the "worm-a-jammer slammer"
i make things with sludge and soot
the "glowing squirrel"
the "three-toed foot"
i make drinks so sick and scuzzy
the "iced wee"
the "kami-khasi"
the "orgasm"
the "death spasm"
the "singer pore slime"
the "digger lime"
comrades, you're just devoted to ever liquid i've thought of
but if you want to end it
why don't you just drink the water

- philithD

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