Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Last Hippy Poet

Woah, it’s a full rainbow.                                     All the way.
Double rainbow.                        Oh my God, it’s a double rainbow all the way.
Woah.                         That’s so intense.             Woah, Man.
Wow.                         Woah.                         Woah.                         Woah                         oh, ho, oh
my God                         oh my God             my God!
Wooh!             Oh!             Woah!                         Wow!             Wooooooooh!             Yeeeeaaaah!
Oh…my!             Oh…my!             Uh, oh my God, look at that!
It’s starting to look like a triple rainbow!
Oh my God, it’s full on!                         Double rainbow all the way
across the sky!             Oh, oh, my Go-od!                         Oh, oh, oh my God!
What does this mean? OH!             Oh my God!             Oooh!                         Oh! God!
It’s SO bright!             Oh my God, it’s so bright and vivid!
OH! Oh! OH!             Oh, oh, oh, it’s SO beautiful!
Ah, hah, hah, ah             oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh            oh, oh, ha, ha, a-ha
ha ha ha ha, a-ha                        oh my God!                         Ah! My God!            
Oh my God!                                     My God, it’s a double complete rainbow!
Oh, right in front of my yard!             Oh my God! A-ha-ha! Oh my God!
What does it mean? Tell me!                                     Oh, ho, oh, oh, ha, a-ha, ha ha…
It’s too much!                         Tell me what it means!             (dog barks)
Oh my God!                         It’s so intense.             Ah.             Hah.             Oh my God!
Oh.                                                                                    (weeping)

Heather Phillipson

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