Monday, 27 September 2010

Media plugs

Last Barman Poet project is mentioned on the Mercy Podcast today, broadcasting from the Liverpool Biennial. Its a really good show and you should listen to it:

Last Barman Poet also appeared in a few broadsheets over the last week: The Independent and The Guardian. Thanks! If you've stumbled across this page though one of those newspapers, perhaps you'd like to write us a version yourself? My email address is

We've decided to keep the project rolling after the live event this Wednesday. We'll just keep accumulating poems and see where it leads us. Maybe it'll end up being a christmas book?* Something you can give to barmen / poets / friends / barman friends / poet friends / barmen poets / friends you don't like / people you don't know who aren't barmen or poets.  

*In the extremely unlikely circumstance of this happening, we'd get back in touch with all our contributors. 

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