Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The last Chinese male service person poet

(through an automated Chinese translator and back again)

I am the world finally the male service person poet.
Sees wonderful cocktail me who the US drinks me to do.
Obtains the American sends the odor to cause
or the vibration matter in me.
In the beach nature, any strong liquor which does by the peach.
The velvet hammer, Alabama Slammer.
I work with the juice and the froth.
The pink squirrel,
3 uses lazy which the tip of the toe kicks.
I make the drink, therefore sweats fashionably with.
Tea which ices, kamikaze team member,
sexual intercourse high tide, death spasm,
Singapore suspension cable,
Ding Chinese photinia.
American you devote each flavor which obtains in me.
But, if you want to write down,
why you are do not order fire?

-Mark Niel

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