Monday, 27 September 2010

John William Brown: I'm Your Last Crude-Crap Barman Poet

I'm your last Crude-Crap Barman Poet,
I will make you my Rum-A-Dum-Dum,
I will serve you my Snaked-Rectal-Blue:
You won't know your throat from your bum,
I say this with pride for it's true: 
You will die when I serve your sweet cocktail,
You will sing out my praises
While pushing up daises'
With a song and a scream and a wail.

I'm your last Crude-Crap Barman Poet,
I can shake any thing when I'm pissed,
I'm known for my smooth Slam-A-Wanger,
And can stow it where it won't be missed:
I can give you my raging Head-Banger.
I can serve you my famed Ding-A-Linger 
And this I insist, 
With a flick of my wrist,
You will sing like an opera singer. 

I'm your last Crude-Crap Barman Poet,
Few are crapper than I who persist
But I stay here creating new verses
And new cocktails that just don't exist.
Meanwhile, as Tom Cruise rehearses,
Let me serve you my best Shangri-La.
Give it a spin.
(If you want me come in -
Leave your backdoor open to the bar). 

-John William Brown

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