Friday, 24 September 2010

Rebecca Ward: The Basque Llama Poet

I am the world’s Basque Llama poet.
I see Spain drinking the life from our region,
The Spanish getting high off the back of our pack animal legion.
I am Pushmi-pullyu
Wearing  separatist wool,
Como te llamas?
ETA bomb alpacas.
I make explosives from spit and ‘rabia’,
An Andes trekker
Cum vehicle wrecker.
I make Spain loco and scared,
The rogue camelid
With the tiny head,
The Basque Dalai
Con ándale,,
The castanet-or
With a detonator
I am devoted to Sabino Arana, even though he wasn’t no llama
But if you want less subversion and drama,
Why not give a badger a hammer?

-Rebecca Ward

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