Thursday, 30 September 2010

Candida Albicans: the bar sluts last moistened towelette

I am the bar sluts last moistened towelette
foil-wrapped refresher vignette
she puts her head in the door & even
if there's nobody she knows
she doesnt leave
but sticks around,
probably for the ones she really needs
 she thickens the voice & he knows 
shes hassling punters ordering spritzers for "wasp whores"  
imbibing bribes she'd take
The Daytona Beach
The Anus, singed by Bleach
The Vagina Sanga
The Backend Rammer
If it weren't for me mopping at her gusset
It'd be a stodgy russet  (she occasionally bleeds juice and froth...)
The Pink Squishmitten
The Cameltoe Goth
She dredges the trench be with my wet-one
The Liced-Lips
The Kandida Albicans
The Caustic Chasm
The Microplasm
The Slipperysore Slot.
A Fling-a-ling.
                       "A FLINGALING?!"
Poet barman
you tried everything you got
but my bar slut's gonna get loaded & hit on you
no matter what

Legs are open. 

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