Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Last Barman Poet - the Youtube comments

Tom totally drops the bottle at obvious! 
Poem was dope though! Classic!

What I'd like to know is where the funding came for this 'bar'. 

As an account of the alienation of 80s cocktail culture, this is pretty good. The clip is well-cropped and the ending poignant.

I'd like an orgasm from him... mmmm!

This poem is awesome!

I bet none of you knew this movie was based on a true story of the real Brian Flannagan. That is me! I am Brian Flannagan, unfortunately i didnt get any royalties from this movie... :(
Someone do us a favour and smash a bottle over that wee bollocks head please ;)

Fuck your patriotic poet shit and get us a beer, cruise, yer fop bastard

Not being funny but if I was at that bar I would've kicked off that it took TWO barmen 90 seconds to make ONE drink when the bars obviously about 4 guys deep.

Yes, whenever i go to a club i start the "more poems" chant ..its why i go!

Yeah if I was a girl in the 80's I'd probably do tom cruise.....

Yes when i go drinking i want some fancy asshole reciting poetry. very.

Funny as it is, this scene is totally unrealistic. 

I bloody love this movie!! Oh, god, Tom is so sexy here -.-'' I love it just after he says "the death spasm"... He is bloody fantastic!

Working behind a bar in real life isn't this glamorous.

- John Osborne

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